Regular Blog Posts... Yikes!?! What a chore.

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Yea, its true, the Internet is full of people crap posts, and yet we labor to create our own. Ther firs tstep would be to have a theme and then crate a list of topics. Hammer out 2-3 sentences for each topics and add a picture. Then, grab some content from other online sources and complie the information to another 2-3 sentences. Don't forget to add a relevent outbound link.
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There are lots of tools you can use to make you blogging process easier. Look for more tips on blogging on my Business Sundry blog. Some tricks include building the content in bluk and scheduling automatic posts. Content is king, so more is usually better, but crap content doesn't attract readers and good, wwoth reading content, will bring more readers than SEO and contrived content.