Sunday☀Socials - Information

The Sunday☀Socials Group is temporariliy closed.

Thank you.

What is Sunday☀Socials?
  • Sunday☀Socials is the name of a group of people associated with jasonhoblin, Jason Hoblin (IRL).
  • The names and emails of the people in the group is private and not shared.
  • The running slogan is "The Jason Hobin Conspiracy Group".

  • The email list was formed by jasonhoblin to specifically be social on Sundays.
  • The group cosists of family members, local friends and close business asscociates. 
  • There are currently 32 people on the email list for Sunday☀Socials.
What does Sunday☀Socials do?
  • The Sunday☀Socialss group doesn't do anything except receive an email every Sunday.
  • Sunday☀Socials is a weekly email reminder from jasonhoblin to say hi and wish well!
  • The emails are for jasonhoblin to stay in contact with people important enough to be in Sunday☀Socials.
What are ☀SundaySocials polices?
  • The term "Sunday☀Socials" is as a reference to people in the group and on the email list.
  • This is not a cult-of-personality and there is no socio-political agenda.
  • This is an unorganized social group based on jasonhoblin and for the people in Sunday☀Socials.

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe anytime.
 Thank you for being an important part of my life!